The best quotes on Sachin Tendulkar – the Little Master

sachin tendulkarSachin Tendulkar, the class, the consistency and the mastering in the world of Cricket has never ended. Sachin is always hailed as the best batsman, and there are several personalities who always positively hail about the master blaster. Here are a few quotes about the great Sachin Tendulkar: (Check Sachin Tendulkar quotes Part 1)

Wasim Akram:
I dont know what to bowl at him. I bowled an inswinger and he drove me through covers of the front foot. Then I bowled an outswinger and he again punched through covers of the backfoot. He is the toughest batsmen I’ve bowled to. He shold live long and score lots of runs, but not against Pakistan

Desmond Haynes:
In terms of technique and compactness, Sachin Tendulkar is the best

David Boon:
Technically he stands out as the best because of his ability to increase the pace at will

Shane Warne:

Sachin Tendulkar is, in my time, the best player without doubt – daylight second, Brian Lara third

Shane Warne:
With Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara, it was better to be friends and make them smile rather than wind them up

Shane Warne:
You have to watch India in India truly to appreciate the pressure that Sachin Tendulkar is under every time he bats. Outside grounds, people wait until he goes in before paying to enter. They seem to want a wicket to fall even though it is their own side that will suffer.

Shane Warne:
Much has been made of my personal contest with Tendulkar. Some people have said that my duel with Tendulkar in India in 1997-98 was the most compelling Test cricket they have ever seen, but there is no doubt he enjoyed the better of the exchanges. He has played me better than anybody. Most Indian batsmen pick the length very quickly, even when it is flighted above the eyeline, but Tendulkar moved into position even earlier than the likes of Mohammad Azharuddin and Rahul Dravid. His footwork is immaculate. He would either go right forward or all the way back and he has the confidence to go for his strokes. I suppose I would be confident too if I batted as well as Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar test century

Shane Warne:
You have to decide for yourself whether you’re bowling well or not. He’s going to hit you for fours and sixes anyway. Kasprowicz has a superior story. During the Bangalore Test, frustrated, he went to Dennis Lillee and asked, ‘Mate, do you see any weaknesses?’ Lillee replied, ‘No Michael, as long as you walk off with your pride, that’s all you can do.

Shane Warne:
When it comes to judging the best among these fabulous band of batsmen, my vote goes to Tendulkar. He has an uncanny ability to come out on top under different circumstances and under different conditions, whether it is Test cricket or one-day internationals. And more importantly, he has done this so young.

Shane Warne:
I’ll be going to bed having nightmares of Sachin just running down the wicket and belting me back over the head for six. He was unstoppable. I don’t think anyone, apart from Don Bradman, is in the same class as Sachin Tendulkar. He is just an amazing player.

Eddie Barlow:
He is Sachin Tendulkar. I hope he stays Sachin Tendulkar. We need a new player, a player in his own way. He has a technique which is the hallmark of a great player. Everything indicates that he will be a great player and I am sure he will prove me right. Reminds me of Barry Richards

Sir Garfield Sobers:
I have watched a lot of Tendulkar and we have spoken to each other a lot. He has it in him to be among the very best

Brian Lara:
Sachin is the greatest player I have seen. I consider it an honour to have rubbed shoulders with him

Rahul Dravid, on whether Sachin should be a Bharat Ratna:
Sachin Tendulkar is already a ‘Bharat Ratna’ for Indian people because of his phenomenal success and the manner in which he has served Indian cricket for years

Sania Mirza:
For me it is a matter of pride that I have been born in the age in the which Tendulkar is playing

Lata Mangeshkar:
Sachin treats me like his mother and I always pray for her like a mother. I can never forget the day when he called me ‘aai’ (mother) for the first time. I had never imagined that. It was pleasant surprise for me and I feel blessed to have a son like him

Yuvraj Singh after winning the World Cup 2011:
Very sorry to disappoint you, guys. It was not for my girlfriend but for Sachin Tendulkar

Ajit Wadekar:
Sachin is the Kohinoor diamond of the game of cricket. This cricketer has unmatched talent and you can’t find another Tendulkar ever

Ajit Wadekar:
I don’t think any batsman can be better than Tendulkar, not even Bradman. Sachin has succeeded in all the three forms of cricket – Test, one-dayer and Twenty20

Sachin Tendulkar Master Blaster

UK Prime Minister David Cameron:
Sachin Tendulkar, the Little Master, is so talented that wherever you’re from, you can’t help but admire him as he hits another century

Brett Lee, on sledging:
Sachin Tendulkar is a guy you don’t want to chat to period, because he will knuckle down

India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh:
It is an amazing achievement to play for the country for over two decades and still continue to be the team’s anchor. Sachin makes all of us so very proud

Greg Chappell:
He must be the most singlehanded devotee cricket has ever seen. Cricket has taken up so much of his life that at times you would wonder what is he going to do once he gives up the game

Greg Chappell:
I’d like to see him go out and bat one day with a stump. I tell you he’d do okay.

Gary Kirsten:
Sachin is the greatest role model I’ve ever met

Syed Kirmani:
He has reached the pinnacle of his cricketing career and I am sure his hunger for runs is still there. He has been achieving milestones, one after another, and it is beyond any cricketer’s calibre to match Sachin’s feat.

Kapil Dev after Sachin Tendulkar scored his 50th Test hundred:
When we used to play, we thought no one can break Sunil Gavaskar’s record. No one could think about 50 Test centuries at that time. This is certainly a big knock under the circumstances, better than the 200s and 300s

Well, it’s such a record that you can only compare it with Bob Beamon’s long-jump world record set in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. At that time it seemed that it would never be broken. Tendulkar’s 50 Test centuries is one such records which doesn’t look like being surpassed- Sunil Gavaskar after Sachin Tendulkar scored his 50th Test hundred

Sharad Pawar after Sachin Tendulkar scored his 50th Test hundred:
Every run that comes off Sachin’s blade is a record. He has shown the world how to perform under pressure

Rashid Latif:
Tendulkar can now rightly lay claim to the title of being the greatest batsman in cricket history. And if some people argue about his greatness then there are certainly no arguments about his being the most prolific, he is a complete run machine and his 50th Test hundred is a testimony of his endurance and passion for the sport

Sachin Tendulkar God of Cricket

Ian Healy:
Tendulkar is the most complete batsman I have stood behind. I saw the hundred in Perth on a bouncy pitch with Hughes, McDermott and Whitney gunning for him – he only had 60-odd when No 11 came in. I’ve seen him against Warne too.

Javed Miandad after Tendulkar scored his 50th Test hundred:
It was clear to us even when he walked out to bat in that Test as a teenager that he had talent. The fact that he has been around for 21 years and done justice to that god gifted talent in both forms of the game is an achievement any cricketer would be proud off. It will be difficult for anyone to break his record

Kumar Sangakkara:
I think it is just the way he has changed the game overall and his own game because there are so many situations he has faced. He is now competing mostly against himself, like most great cricketers do. I think he has mastered all of them. The only challenge he has is to beat himself every time he walks out there because he has done almost everything

Chandu Borde after Sachin scored 50th Test hundred:
This was expected… This is one of the finest achievements in cricket history. It is a fantastic performance by Sachin. Records do not matter to him. He will keep playing and records will follow him

Pakistan daily ‘Dawn’:
Putting Sachin Tendulkar’s latest feat in a strictly cricketing context would not be fair to the sportsman. His achievements in the world of cricket need to be seen on a par with efforts in any other field – science, art, literature, etc – to push the frontiers of human excellence

Graeme Smith:
Tendulkar is a world class player and a great ambassador for the game. As a youngster I watched the games and that’s where all my dreams started. You watch Tendulkar on TV and you think that I want to be like that one day

Sachin’s wife Anjali Tendulkar:
We had gone to see the movie Roja. I was studying medicine then and a couple of my friends planned. Sachin did try telling me that it would be difficult but I insisted that he come along. To make sure nobody recognised him we even got him a beard. He wore specs as well and we went in late. We watched the first half of the film. But during the interval, Sachin dropped his specs and people immediately recognised him. It was a bit of disaster and we were forced to leave halfway.

Anjali Tendulkar:
Actually, I have one particular spot in the house from where I can watch TV and also keep an eye on my Ganpati (Ganesha). I don’t eat. I don’t answer phones. I don’t drink. I don’t even move. I don’t reply to any sms until he’s out.

Jeff Thompson:
Sachin is an attacker. He has much more power than Sunny. He wants to be the one to set the pace. He has to be on top. That’s the buzz about him.

Steve Waugh:
You take Don Bradman away and he is next up I reckon.

Allan Border after India won Sharjan cup:
Hell, if he had stayed, even at 11 an over he would have got it.

Keith Fletcher:
A little genius. Reminds me of Sunny Gavaskar.

Shahrukh Khan in an interview:
Question: Who do you think as most important celebrity ?
Shahrukh: There was a big party where stars from bollywood and cricket were invited. Suddenly, there was a big noise, all wanted to see approaching Amitabh Bachhan. Then Sachin entered the hall and Amitabh was leading the queue to get a grab of the GENIUS!!

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